Friday, 30 September, 2016 - 18:00
safe and delicious grilling indulgence with barbecue grills from SEVERIN

Sundern, September 2016 – Summertime is grill time - but not everyone has a garden, and some residential complexes forbid balcony barbecuing, as the neighbours may be bothered by the fumes and the smell, finding them unpleasant. However, those who don't want to deny themselves the barbecue pleasures are advised to invest in an electric grill. Family enterprise SEVERIN has over 20 years' experience in the manufacture of electric grills, and is the market leader in this segment. Barbecue grills PG 2794 and PG 2792 from SEVERIN guarantee perfect grilled results - without charcoal and smoke.

Friday, 30 September, 2016 - 14:00

Sundern, September 2016 – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and as such it should be both substantial and balanced. So that people will once again take a little more time in the morning, the traditional German company SEVERIN shares the latest breakfast trends and provides the perfect kitchen equipment for this. From coffee machines to kettles to multimixers, its products cover all culinary bases.

Thursday, 29 September, 2016 - 16:00
Perfect individuality with new coffee makers from SEVERIN

Sundern, September 2016 - Coffee is one of the favourite beverages, be it a cup of black gold as a stimulant in the morning or a creamy latte macchiato to relax over in the afternoon, or with a refreshing scoop of vanilla ice-cream on hot summer days. For optimum enjoyment, traditional German company SEVERIN has launched two new coffee makers on the market: the KA 4810 filter machine is equipped with an integrated grinder, ensuring that the coffee can be brewed freshly and according to the desired degree of grinding. The compact KV 8090 fully-automatic coffee machine not only makes aromatic coffee, but is also ideal for preparing espresso, tea and other hot beverages. With this exclusive range, the Sundern-based company is offering individual coffee pleasure at the touch of a button, complementing this with the SEVERIN in-house coffee brand, which is blended harmoniously to the devices' requirements.

Thursday, 29 September, 2016 - 15:00
Now, thanks to the new 2-in-1 high-performance battery-powered dust buster HV 7158, people who suffer from allergies no longer have to live without pets

Sundern, September 2016 – Household dust, pollen or animal fur: Many people suffer from an allergy. "Pet owners are particularly hard-hit, because according to estimates approximately ten percent of pet owners develop an allergy to animals", explains SEVERIN Managing Director Rudolf Schulte. However, those affected react not to the animal fur but to the allergens in the flakes of skin that can spread throughout the living area. Thorough cleaning of the home is necessary in order to preventitching eyes, sneezing attacks or rashes. The 2-in-1 high-performance battery-powered dust buster HV 7158 from the SEVERIN Floorcare S’Special carPET & carpets range was developed especially for people who suffer from allergies and for households with pets: Hairs, ingrained dirt, fine dust and allergens can all be removed with no great effort thanks to the high-speed motorised brush. "Handy and functional, it'll satisfy even the most exacting demands" was the assessment of the independent test magazine "Haus & Garten", awarding the HV 7158 from SEVERIN the mark "very good".

Thursday, 29 September, 2016 - 13:45
high-performance appliances and high-energy enjoyment

Sundern, September 2016 – A healthy diet plays an increasingly important role in the lives of many people: More attention is being paid to nutritional values, vitamins and minerals to compensate for a lack of exercise in daily life. The fresh power product range by SEVERIN offers the right tips and kitchen helpers for this purpose: From the powerful Slow Juicer and Powerblender to a yoghurt maker or to a practical tea and a water kettle - this line has something for everyone. The name fresh power stands not only for high-performance appliances, but also for the energy gained from the products made.

Wednesday, 28 September, 2016 - 15:45
save electricity with an A+++ fridge-freezer from SEVERIN

Sundern, September 2016 – Those planning on purchasing a new refrigerator are well-advised to be mindful of the model's energy efficiency class: fridges and freezers are responsible for between ten and 20 per cent of a household's power consumption. Even devices which are already several years old are some of the greatest energy guzzlers. The EU Energy Label provides information on the power consumption of electric appliances, ranging, in the case of refrigerators, from A+++ for particularly efficient to D for highly energy-inefficient. The KS 9869 fridge-freezer from SEVERIN boasts an A+++ energy class rating, equating to an annual saving of around 100 euros in power costs in comparison with a 10 year-old appliance. The stainless steel KS 9869 also features other benefits, including a 4-star freezer and LED interior lighting, which contribute to both energy saving and convenient use.

Wednesday, 28 September, 2016 - 13:45

Sundern, September 2016 – Cooking is one of the most popular hobbies. Aspiring gourmet cooks need not only passion, but also the right equipment. For this purpose, SEVERIN and the German TV and gourmet cook Peter Scharff put out a gourmet series on the market exclusively with the traditional German company SEVERIN. “With it now ambitious amateur cooks can also enjoy the advantages of professional equipment,” says the top chef. The Premium range extends from a Slow Juicer for making healthy juices to a blender for tasty, vitamin-rich smoothies. And a sous-vide cooker makes it easy to prepare the perfect steak. In addition, a hand mixer for preparing various dough versions and an automatic waffle maker for baking delicious desserts are also part of the gourmet series. All products stand out by virtue of their high quality and ease of handling, and their stainless steel finish makes them an eyecatcher in any kitchen.

Wednesday, 28 September, 2016 - 12:15
healthy, diverse low-carb veggie noodles within seconds at the touch of a button

Sundern, September 2016 - Conscious nutrition is becoming a top priority for many. Among other things, this is illustrated by the food trends which have emerged in recent years, such as low carb and paleo, in which a healthy diet and fresh food is on the menu. The World Health Organization also recommends that we consume at least 400 g of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. SEVERIN keeps monotony at bay with the new "Mr. Twister", ensuring that these healthy pleasures never lose their appeal. The electric spiraliser transforms fresh vegetables into delicious low-carb veggie noodles, fresh raw vegetable salads or potato spirals in a flash.

Tuesday, 27 September, 2016 - 15:00
three refreshing trends for the summer

Sundern, September 2016 - To ensure that cool heads are kept despite the hot temperatures, the traditional German company SEVERIN has teamed up with the German chef Thomas Martin, holder of two Michelin Stars, to present three refreshing, healthy summer trends. The most impressive thing about them? The treats can be prepared with ease in the new SM 3740 power blender from SEVERIN. The powerful kitchen helper whips up green smoothies, sauces, vegan milk, soups, crushed ice or even 'nicecream' in next to no time.

Tuesday, 27 September, 2016 - 11:00
healthy enjoyment with gentle preparation

Sundern, September 2016 – Up until now sous-vide cookers were reserved for top gastronomy. The slow preparation of meat, fish and vegetables is also increasingly popular in private households. With the strong duo from SEVERIN, consisting of the SV 2447 Sous-Vide and the FS 3609 Vacuum Sealer, sous-vide cooking is now completely effortless at home as well. With sous-vide cooking, the food is vacuum-sealed in a special film and cooked at a constant low water temperature. "In this way the meat very gently achieves the desired core temperature, the valuable ingredients are preserved and the food being cooked becomes incomparably succulent and tender," says German TV and gourmet cook Peter Scharff, speaking from his own experience.


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